The Blind Grind: Episode 4, Legally Blind

Why Are Disabled People So Sue Happy?Bay Area Blind Mom and I are at it again! Here's Episode 4 of the Blind Grind: Legally Blind, in which we take a closer look at litigation around disability. Links:Learn more about the history of the disability rights movement by watching Crip Camp on Netflix or visiting the … Continue reading The Blind Grind: Episode 4, Legally Blind

Mercury In Retrograde

Or something like that. Don’t worry, I’m not going all wuwu on you, not entirely anyway. I’m not ruling out that I just intrinsically have some kind of bad tech juju and I also don’t believe it’s useful to live with such a limiting belief, either. I think I remember my mom saying she went … Continue reading Mercury In Retrograde

This Is Not A Recipe Blog

Why should I blog in precise detail about how I frugal my food, make homemade house cleaners and personal products, or my recipe for whatever? There’s millions of people on the internet already doing that. That’s what Google is for, that’s how I find all my information. InstantPot Chicken Pizza? Nope, that’s not my original … Continue reading This Is Not A Recipe Blog

19 for 2019: #16 Actively Seek Joy

Last Thursday, I boarded a southbound Amtrak train from Oakland to San Diego early in the morning for a getaway I'd been looking forward to for a while--a long ride down most of the length of the state, a relatively unplanned couple of days, and a long ride back, with not much else to do … Continue reading 19 for 2019: #16 Actively Seek Joy