The Blind Grind

Follow the tales of two sassy blind bloggers, Bay Area Blind Mom and myself, Blind Broad, as we pour coffee into our mugs, and pour out our hearts about the ups and downs of being busy women in our 40s who happen to be blind.

Episode 1: Read Across America

Episode 2: Who The Hell Are We?

Episode 3: Let’s Get Physical

Episode 4: Legally Blind

Episode 5: Medical Vs. Social Model of Disability

Episode 6: Expectations

Episode 7: Origami

Episode 8: Travel

Episode 9: Books & Media

Episode 10: Replay of E6 Expectations

Episode 11: Replay of E7 Origami

Episode 12: Get Your Happy On

Episode 13: Summertime

Episode 14: Coming Out

Episode 15: Voting

Episode 16: Superpowers

Episode 17: Stuff

Episode 18, Bitch & Wine: Whiskey & Wine

Episode 19: RonaCon

Episode 20: DIY Kitchen

Episode 21: DIY Bath & Beauty

Episode 22: DIY Household Cleaners

Episode 23: Duolingo

 Episode 24: Back to School

Episode 25: Employment Grind

Episode 26, Bitch & Wine: tokenism