You Need to Be Having More Coffees

When Angela, a friend and former colleague, told me she'd be in the City and wanted to meet up for a coffee, the answer was a definitive "yes, please!" When I moved to the Bay Area in 2010, job searching and career developing, a dear friend, Jonathan, told me, "You need to be having more … Continue reading You Need to Be Having More Coffees

Pi, Pi, Pi!

Happy Pi Day! It's a day I always want to celebrate and often just barely hit the mark by happening to have ingredients for a Cottage Pie for dinner or even perhaps just ordering a pizza pie, given the practical application of busy daily living. I thought of it a few days ago, and well, … Continue reading Pi, Pi, Pi!

23 For 2023

Ah, time for the annual reckoning of the extent to which I stayed on track with my priorities and aspirations for #22For2022. I’ve been at this now every year since #19For2019 and I love how my list has evolved and become a helpful tool to reflect on and organize my priorities and, at least sort … Continue reading 23 For 2023

Your Local Diner

Seeing reports that a historical restoration project to give new life to the very vintage and weathered sign from a favorite local diner, long closed down in my little hometown of Lompoc, CA had finally come to fruition, my heart swelled with joy and I paused to consider why it was so meaningful to me. … Continue reading Your Local Diner