Your Local Diner

Seeing reports that a historical restoration project to give new life to the very vintage and weathered sign from a favorite local diner, long closed down in my little hometown of Lompoc, CA had finally come to fruition, my heart swelled with joy and I paused to consider why it was so meaningful to me. … Continue reading Your Local Diner

More White People Food

“Who’s made cranberry sauce before?” Chef asked this morning as he started to demo today’s recipes for cranberry sauce and candied yams ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. My arm shot up. Homemade cranberry sauce is my jam, pun totally intended, every year at Thanksgiving, make it fresh, ditch the canned jiggly stuff. “One person?” He … Continue reading More White People Food

White People Food

I think a lot about the intersection of food and the socially constructed ideas we have about it. That’s not directly the purpose of my post here, just setting some context. And full disclosure, as the great wordsmith Weird Al Yankovich declared, “I’m nerdy in the extreme and whiter than sour cream.” With ancestry hailing … Continue reading White People Food


After last year’s staggering inaugural NaNoWriMo run of 66,323 words focused on the seed of a memoir brewing in my soul, I was kind of excited to get back to it this year, especially since I’ve not done a whole lot with that word stash since, except think a whole lot about what in the … Continue reading NotNoWriMo