23 For 2023

Ah, time for the annual reckoning of the extent to which I stayed on track with my priorities and aspirations for #22For2022. I’ve been at this now every year since #19For2019 and I love how my list has evolved and become a helpful tool to reflect on and organize my priorities and, at least sort … Continue reading 23 For 2023


My fridge has been really empty the last few days, and I’m really loving it. It’s a weird kind of freedom, liberation from the pressure of trying to manage using up all the bits, a thing I love to do, and not losing track of something like a jar of homemade bone broth pulled from … Continue reading Emptiness

The Blind Grind: Episode 3, Let’s Get Physical

Blind Broad, left, and Bay Area Blind Mom, right, a.k.a. Serena and LM.The Blind Grind: Episode 3, Let’s Get Physical The struggle is real--physical fitness and well being don't always come naturally and require work. Serena and LM discuss their different experiences staying active. Watch here: https://fb.watch/bNSHCfw6nX/ Links Yoga With Aly Facebook page Braille Across … Continue reading The Blind Grind: Episode 3, Let’s Get Physical