The Blind Grind: Episode 3, Let’s Get Physical

Serena, left, and LM, right, pause for a spontaneous photo in a hotel hallway in front of some colorful abstract art. They are dressed a little fancy. Serena stands, arms folded and cane tucked at her right elbow, left shoulder out. She wears a traditional Kyrgyz kalpak playfully tipped forward over her eyes and smiles broadly. LM leans in, cane tucked in her left arm, wearing sunglasses and smiling lightly.Blind Broad, left, and Bay Area Blind Mom, right, a.k.a. Serena and LM.

The Blind Grind: Episode 3, Let’s Get Physical

The struggle is real–physical fitness and well being don’t always come naturally and require work. Serena and LM discuss their different experiences staying active.

Watch here:


Yoga With Aly Facebook page

Braille Across America page for The Blind Grind

Bay Area Blind Mom blog

Club House Food Is Religion cooking class, Saturday, March 19, 11:30 a.m. PST (also available on replays)

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