The Blind Grind: E9, Books & Media

Serena, left, and LM, right, pause for a spontaneous photo in a hotel hallway in front of some colorful, abstract art; they are dressed a little fancy. Serena stands, arms folded and cane tucked into her right elbow, left shoulder out. She wears a traditional Kyrgyz kalpak, playfully lowered over her eyes and grins broadly. LM leans in, cane tucked into her left arm, wearing sunglasses and smiling lightly. Clearing The Static From The Attic

This week brought Episode 9 of The Blind Grind, where Bay Area Blind Mom and I muse on the books and media we like to consume for a little decompression and entertainment. Next week we honor Mental Health Awareness Month by sharing our favorite habits for keeping hold of our happy and hanging onto our spoons.

In Other News

I’m officially on the return to formal working life, so connect via LinkedIn with your professional ponderings, and as ever, you can visit my landing page to opt in to the socials that work for you. Let’s get cooking and keep growing our foodie community!

“Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon.” “ :Doug Larson

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