The Blind Grind: E9, Books & Media

Clearing The Static From The AtticThis week brought Episode 9 of The Blind Grind, where Bay Area Blind Mom and I muse on the books and media we like to consume for a little decompression and entertainment. Next week we honor Mental Health Awareness Month by sharing our favorite habits for keeping hold of our … Continue reading The Blind Grind: E9, Books & Media

Braille Across America Kicks Off Today!

Only 10% Of Blind Children Learn BrailleIf you’ve been following my new adventure with Bay Area Blind Mom, our podcast, The Blind Grind, you’ll know that we are both braille nerds at heart and braille literacy and getting braille into the hands of blind people is something we are both very passionate about. If there’s … Continue reading Braille Across America Kicks Off Today!

19 for 2019: #12 Read More

My relationship to books has changed and evolved more than I might have imagined over the years. I grew up in a household where both of my parents had their nose buried in a sci-fi or fantasy novel at any given moment, trips to the library were pretty regular and I usually brought home a … Continue reading 19 for 2019: #12 Read More