20 for 2020: Creative Expression

2020 was a year of struggle to reclaim my mojo. In the face of all the overwhelm of an upside down work life, the ripple effects of social injustice reverberating loud and clear through 400 years of oppression, political dumpster fires burning in every headline and social media post, and a public health crisis of … Continue reading 20 for 2020: Creative Expression

19 for 2019: #10 Resurrect Some Language Skills

"I can pretend to speak a lot of languages pretty well," I often tell people. "Enough to get into trouble, not quite enough to get out;" the same explanation I usually give when people want to know how much I can see. From the time I took my first German class in 8th grade to … Continue reading 19 for 2019: #10 Resurrect Some Language Skills