White People Food

I think a lot about the intersection of food and the socially constructed ideas we have about it. That’s not directly the purpose of my post here, just setting some context. And full disclosure, as the great wordsmith Weird Al Yankovich declared, “I’m nerdy in the extreme and whiter than sour cream.” With ancestry hailing … Continue reading White People Food


After last year’s staggering inaugural NaNoWriMo run of 66,323 words focused on the seed of a memoir brewing in my soul, I was kind of excited to get back to it this year, especially since I’ve not done a whole lot with that word stash since, except think a whole lot about what in the … Continue reading NotNoWriMo

The Blind Grind: E9, Books & Media

Clearing The Static From The AtticThis week brought Episode 9 of The Blind Grind, where Bay Area Blind Mom and I muse on the books and media we like to consume for a little decompression and entertainment. Next week we honor Mental Health Awareness Month by sharing our favorite habits for keeping hold of our … Continue reading The Blind Grind: E9, Books & Media