The Blind Grind: E7, Origami

A large, whimsical origami cupcake sits atop an orange paper box. Various other origami models are seen around and behind, in white and bright, neon colors, a butterfly, envelopes and wallets, a little jumping frog, and others.

We’re at it again! Bay Area Blind Mom and I indulged in some paper folding whimsy this week. You can grab some paper, even some scrap copy paper totally works, and fold along with us. We made a fun little pyramid shaped vessel you could stick some pens or little flowers in. The cupcake pictured above was the result of a private tutorial we did off camera because it was so fun. Watch Episode 7: Origami on The Blind Grind Facebook page, where you’ll also find the links mentioned in the video, like where to find all channels for It Starts With Quiche, The Accessible Origami Project Facebook group, the registration link for BABM’s upcoming origami class with APH, and The Blind Grind team page for NBP’s Braille Across America campaign, where you can still pitch in to stretch us to our team fundraising goal of $1500.

“People who love to eat are always the best people.” :Julia Child

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