19 for 2019: It StartsWith Quiche

In all its one-take glory, I humbly roll out It Starts With Quiche! Because I actively choose love, joy, happiness, and gratitude and because no one else on the internet has quite the same collection of experiences, It Starts With Quiche is my platform for sharing the knowledge, wisdom, and experience that led me to my Happy Place. Join me for the ride if you are so inclined, take what you like, and leave the rest.

Referenced in this video are my 19 for 2019, pasted below, interview with Charles Doohig on Fresh Air with Terry Gross, and Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project.

Theme for 2019: get local, get personal

19 for 2019:

1. Volunteer for MLK in San Leandro.

2. Clean the garage.

3. Identify small projects related to passion project, e.g. “Learn to roast coffee”.

4. Do at least one thing from item number three list.

5. Meditate more.

6. Hang decor & pictures.

7. Learn silks/lyra/pole.

8. Explore that bright idea you had on the bus the other day.

9. Knit something.

10. Resurrect some language skills.

11. Fold some origami.

12. Read more.

13. Reclaim your personal email account.

14. Purge clothes, jackets, scarves, etc.

15. Manas ait.

16. Actively seek joy.

17. Adventures every non-working weekend (i.e. Leave your house).

18. Pay off your student loan debt.

19. Side hustle.

4 thoughts on “19 for 2019: It StartsWith Quiche

    1. I had a similar experience. I persistently continue to try activating the play button with voiceover and for whatever reason, after three or four or five tries, it finally played.🤷‍♀️
      Thanks for letting me know. I’m hoping to make videos a main feature and I want to be sure people can watch them!


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